Alipay & WeChat Pay : an opportunity for merchants

Alipay & WeChat Pay are complete ecosystem which aims at connecting Chinese consumers with retailers worldwide. Banque Edel is the first to offer a complete solution of acceptance in France. These "super app", integrating both social networks, daily life, shopping and mobile payment solution are now preferred for their purchases by 93% of Chinese consumers.

1.2 billion users
1.1 billion users

With Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel, attract new customers

Chinese tourism in Asia is growing rapidly  

Chinese tourism outside of Asia grows exponentially, especially in Europe and France, which welcomed over 1.7 million tourists this year with over 9 billion euros expensed. She hopes to attract 5 million more by 2020 !

Chinese tourists are known to be the most spending tourists in the world, with a predilection for shopping in luxury, jewelry, cosmetics, organic, wine.

In this situation, offer Chinese tourists the ability to pay with their favourite mean of payment, Alipay, constitutes a real opportunity for merchants to develop their revenue. Hotels, luxury shops are more specifically targeted.

Asian tourism accounts for 50% of luxury sales in Europe.

With the installation of Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel, merchant offers Chinese tourists a familiar and reassuring payment experience, prone to invite to buy and increase the average basket. He benefits of a privileged relationship with users through their app (shop is localised inside the app, promotional campaigns are relayed inside the app,...).

Discover Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel, a securised and turnkey solution

Electronic banking specialist, Banque Edel brings security and ease of use as a prerequisite to its offers, with a smooth payment experience for both the merchant and the customer. Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel is a complete acceptance solution.

Benefits of Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel

  • Kick off
  • To use
  • Safety
Sign a single contract with Banque Edel, no account opening. A dedicated terminal working both in Wifi or 3G is installed at the merchant. This device is impact less onto the existing ECR or payment environment, thus making it usable at once.

Integrating the acceptance solution directly inside the ECR is also possible using the SDK provided.
The Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel application allows accepting and manage payments.

Real time access to transactions, secured payment cancel and refund available.
Every transaction made with Alipay is garanteed and paid to the merchant. No data stored inside the device.

Transactions are made available to the merchant by wire transfer on his choses account.

Cash in your payments easily, in 3 steps:

I turn on my Alipay & WeChat Pay terminal by Banque Edel

I enter the transaction's amount

Scaning the client QR code. Payment validated !

Customer review

«Alipay & WeChat Pay by Banque Edel is really easy to use. The teams are very available and have allowed us to quickly and easily integrate this means of payment into our stores. Accepting Alipay & WeChat Pay payments is a differentiating factor for us and our customers. This can be a key factor in concluding a sale.»

Damien - Account Manager

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