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In a payments fast paced and evolving environment, the PayWe.l platform addresses economic and security challenges to European retailers by bringing together the finest payments technologies and proved and deep knowledge optimization techniques to face compliance.

Paywe.L: an open platform designed for every retailer

The Paywe.L solution enables to frame at once all the very actors needed to offer an integrated payments service that spans along the entire payments' value chain for retailers


PCI-DSS compliance

EPAS conversion to smartly address the European processing

Flexible switching rules for economic optimization


A sole platform for e/m commerce and face-to-face payments

A channel shared fraud system for better efficiency

A consolidated reporting for tracking in one and only place

A platform designed to bring a smooth integration with innovative paying vectors such as mPOS or NFC mobile payments


Multi-acquirer switching and provisioning

Multi-scheme switching


Payments' data integrity for every retailer

No more dependency to banks required

A cost-cutting service thanks to the economies of scale

Paywe.L: the answer to payments' challenges for retailers

Following the fast changing evolutions within the payments market, Tier1 retailers are facing at least three major issues



Getting a payment's solution without any initial investment that answers the hardest PCI-DSS compliance while making sure that retailers' acceptance software architecture remains the same.

Ensuring confidentiality, protection and data integrity of payments.


Having a ready-to-use payments' system with optimized costs by:

Putting in the same place all the payments' flows to achieve the best economies of scales with PSPs, banks or schemes (VISA, MasterCard, etc.)

Optimizing the switching by selecting in real time the cheapest route to the schemes and issuers depending on the card characteristic (debit, credit, commercial, etc.)

Changing instantly the switching rules in case of an interchange fee window of opportunity


Offering a payments' system preliminary designed to be easily plugged in with recent and future value added payments' services such as wallets, mPOS, omnichannel and more to come

Paywe.L has been thought and designed by Edel whose position is at the crossroad of Retail and payments; the solution capitalizes from scratch on the over 600 M of already processed transactions for the biggest French retailer the E.Leclerc stores.

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